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2 in 1 Pet Toy & vacuumcleaner - Automatic Rolling Ball

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2 in 1 : Pet Toy + vacuum cleaner

Just put it on the floor, your pet will start playing with this colourful ball. It can roll around your home & start cleaning  automatically !!!

It can roll around to collect dust, fur & hair. The compact ball size is easy to reach all those annoying nooks & crannies under the furniture.


  • Not only cleaning, but also toy for your pet
  • Roll around to collect dust & dirt automatically
  • Mini robotic vacuum cleaner for cleaning up pet's hair, scraps of paper, dust
  • Automatic rolling ball for playing chase with pets
  • Fluffy sleeve made of plush is washable & durable
  • Compact & lightweight for cleaning hard-to-reach areas under the furniture 
  • Sleeves for easy replacing
  • Spices up your home atmosphere


    • Automatic moving roll ball x 1 pc
    • Cleaning covers x 4 pcs