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Barrel Pirate

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  • FUN POPPING ACTION ¨C Take turns sliding the colorful swords into the pirate¡¯s barrel, but beware! Choose the wrong slot and the pirate will pop out. Kids love seeing him fly!
  • KEEPS YOU GUESSING ¨C The barrel slot that will make the pirate pop changes every time you play
  • FAMILY FUN FOR AGES 4 AND UP ¨C This simple game can be played by up to four at a time and doesn¡¯t require complicated cards or rules, making it a great choice for the whole family
  • EASY SET UP WITH NO BATTERIES REQUIRED ¨C Pop Up Pirate features easy set up and is powered by you and a clever spring, so the fun starts whenever you¡¯re ready!
  • The surprise family game that is a real barrel of fun
  • Take turns sliding the colorful swords into the barrel

  • Beware - if the pirate pops up on your turn, you are out
  • Kids love the popping action of the pirate flying out of the barrel
  • No reading required

  • Swashbucklers beware! If the pirate pops up, ye be out!
  • Pop-up Pirate is the classic action game that¡¯s a barrel of fun. Push the pirate into the barrel and take turns sliding your swords into the slots. Use caution or you may end up walking the plank if your sword pops the pirate out of the barrel!

How to Play with the Pop-Up Pirate

  • Push the pirate into the barrel¡­
  • Slide the swords into the slots¡­
  • Watch out for the popping pirate!