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Cat Vest Harness and Leash Set to Outdoor Walking

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Walking your kitty can enrich their lives and yours and improve their health and behavior. 

Every cat should be given the opportunity to go out for a walk and explore new environments, smells, roll around in the grass and scratch real trees (they love it!). 

What size should I choose?

Don't worry if you don't know the weight of your cat. If you have a baby kitten - then choose the small size and if you have an adult cat - choose the medium or large size depending on the weight of your cat.  We offer FREE exchanges.

Why you and your kitty will love it?

 Escape Proof - maximum security for your clever and cheeky cat. We have designed this harness to ensure your cat will not be able to escape during your walks! It is completely adjustable and can be tightened to secure your cat. 

 Your feline friend will be thanking you! The cat vest harness 4 points design distributes leash pressure evenly across your cat chest and shoulders to prevent neck strain or discomfort.

✔ Safely secure your cat in a breeze! Easy to put on and take off & completely adjustable. No need to put the harness over their head - just a quick step in, adjust strap and buckle to attach, and you are ready to go!

 Give comfort to your kitty- they deserve it! This harness is made of breathable mesh and polyester canvas fabric that provides ultra-softness and comfort to your feline friend.

✔ The only thing you need to begin your adventures with your bestfriend! Easily adjust the seatbelt buckle with its 38mm nylon clasp to ensure your pet is comfortable and secured in throughout your adventures. 

You can now explore the fun outdoors with your kitty - safely, comfortably and easily!