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Floating Water Hammock Float Lounger Floating Toys Inflatable Floating Water Pillow Swimming Pool

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Create Your Own Float Bed & Experience?More Fun In The Sun!


What could be better than relaxing in the water? The feeling of the sun on your skin?generates a happy, loving buzz where you can't help but to have great times! Our Insta Water Lounger is designed to lounge on the water and relax in the summer sun and feel that summer love sensation!

The hammock-design of the floating chair allows your body to cool in the water and giving you a relaxing and comfortable experience. It has head and knee support, allows middle of your body in the water while keeping your head and knee afloat. This water hammock easily inflates and deflate so you can easily fold it and carry it anywhere. Enjoy the sunshine and relax in the pool with this amazing water lounger.?


Hammock Style Design - Floating headrest and footrest are positioned in the floating pool chairs to support swimmers for hours of relaxing in the pool. This floating chair has a comfortable close-fitting design, super buoyancy and more stable. The ergonomic design of this water hammock provides plenty of support and an abundance of comfort.

Extra comfort -?The foldable design of the floating pool chairs makes it portable enough to take it anywhere you want and have water fun. Rolls up for convenient on-the-go needs and packs away easily for storage. The water hammock is easy to inflate and deflate.

Keep your body cool -?The floating chair allows middle of your body to stay cool by soaking in the water while keeping your head and knee afloat. The water hammock cradles you slightly below the water's level and keeps you cool even on the hottest of days.

No harmful components -?Non-toxic materials are used in the floating chair. Safe and no harm to your skin. Floating pool chairs keep you afloat as long as you like. No need to worry about the weight limit. The floating chair will handle up to 200 kg.

Premium Quality Material - This floating chair is made of high quality and environmental protection PVC. It has all-weather premium material for season-after-season lounging. No distortion, no fading.

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