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Magic Socket Grip - Universal Socket Tool

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Save time on your next project with the Universal Socket Tool, taking shape of any hooks, wing nuts, square nuts, hex nuts or rusted nuts, effortlessly tighten or loosen without searching through your toolbox for the right size socket.

  • Effortless High Torque Power
  • Universal Socket Attachment
  • Drill Bit Compatible
  • 54 Steel Pins, Mimic Any Shape

A must-have on job sites, or in the toolbox of any handyman (or woman), make the job easier and save time by having the Universal Socket Tool always at your side.


Professional Grade Quality Socket
52 Steel Pins
Minimum Grip Size: 7mm (1/4")
Maximum Grip Size: 19mm (3/4")
Outer Diameter: 25.4mm
Max Torque: 150lbs
Maximum Depth: 9.5mm
Drill Bit Attachment Not Included