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Retractable Gap Cleaning Wiper

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Don’t worry about high places and unreachable gaps and corners in your house anymore. Our Retractable Gap Cleaning Wiper comes with strong toughness and can be bent arbitrarily without letting go of any cleaning dead corner. The wiper can easily penetrate into various gaps and sweep away all hairs and dust. With a retractable and detachable long handle, you can easily clean high places and penetrate small spaces like under the bed and furniture.

The brush is soft and delicate not to scratch the surface of the furniture and other smooth surfaces. Its electrostatic absorption ability makes it the perfect equipment for effectively cleaning hair and dust. Due to its handle hook design, you can hang the wiper with a hook to save space and keep your house tidy.


  •  Flexible and Bendable

This gap cleaning wiper is extremely tough and can be bent freely to clean every corner and gap in the house. It has a strong cleaning power and the cloth cover can be removed and used as a rag. The long handle is removable, retractable and very flexible so you can comfortably clean the areas you cannot reach out.

  • Easy to Use and Reusable

Our retractable cleaning wiper has a translucent PP sheet-like tan tough gray board which makes dusting easier. You can use the cloth when it is wet or dry. The texture of the wiper is soft and does not hurt the surface so you can safely use it to clean the smoothest surfaces. The product possesses static electricity to effectively absorb dust and hair. Its cleaning ability is extremely strong.

  • Space Saving

The cleaning wiper can be disassembled and assembled freely. The cleaner comes in a tail suspension design and is easy to store saving you space.

  • Fine Craft

The wiper features a flat brush head, lengthened aluminum rod so you can easily clean places that cannot be cleaned normally. You can use it to clean the dust in high places making cleaning more fun and enjoyable.

The duster has expandability, flexibility, and flatness, and its long handle is lightweight and can reach into corners, gaps, and locations that are difficult to clean or cannot be cleaned normally.

  • High Quality

The microfiber duster is held by high-quality PP material and aluminum alloy. You can use the product for a long time without breaking the handle.It has good flexibility and can easily reach the ceiling and the bottom of the sofa bed.

Technical Specifications

Wiper Material: Microfiber

Handle Material: PP and Aluminium Alloy

Shape: Flathead

Color: White and Gray

Retractable Size: 147cm by 8.5cm

Normal Size: 100cm by 8.5cm

Head Size: 41cm by 8.5cm

Thickness: 1.5cm


1 x Retractable Gap Cleaning Wiper