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Shred Silk Knife

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  • ✔EASY TO USE: Simply place the vegetable on your cutting board & glide the cutter vertically to obtain the thin strips
  • ✔TIME-SAVINGThe cutter has multiple blades that can cut in two different directions, making it easy to shred through a whole bunch of scallions in minutes
  • ✔HIGHLY EFFICIENT: Features razor-sharp blades that glide easily over your food for quick, clean, and efficient cutting.
  • ✔VERSATILE: Also useful for decorative pastry work, either for cutting fondant or etching into rolled cookie dough & hard candy
  • ✔HAVE 7 BLADES: Shred Silk, can be cut into sections: the distance between each steel knife is the same, you can quickly and evenly cut onion silk and onion sections.

 Professional Usage:


  • Materials:PP + stainless steel
  • Product Size:10CM × 4CM × 2CM
  • Quantity:Shred Silk The Knife × 1


  • The actual colors may be slightly different from the picture because of the lighting and computer color.