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The Unique & Portable Seat!

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From now on you can sit anywhere, anytime, at home or while on the road!

Not being able to sit for?a long period of time is a punishment for your body. The?FoldStool? gives you the opportunity to sit down whenever you want! From now on being able to sit?won't?be a problem anymore.?

foldable mobile chair

Easy to Use

Our compact and light-weight FoldStool? can replace all chairs in a flat or office and makes the most out of your space. You can also put it in your trunk or backpack for your next trip.

A shoulder strap has been added to the side of the?FoldStool? to make it easier to carry?around.

how to use foldable stool

Safe and stable

The FoldStool? is safe and stable to use, so you can sit (or stand) on it with peace of mind.

foldable stool jump

Improved Design - Same Price

Due to the recent success of our FoldStool?, we've designed an even better version!

  • Even lighter weight: From 1.2kg (2.64 lbs) to 0.88kg (1.94lbs)
  • Safer to use: less sharp edges
  • Improved load: from 150kg (330lbs) to 200kg (440lbs)
  • Stronger?polyamide?structure

improved version

Load up to 200 KG / 440 LBS

The FoldStool? is made of a very strong polyamide material that can carry the load up to 200 kilos.

max load 200kg

All Benefits at a Glance

? Retractable design

? Always being able to sit anywhere quickly

? Extendable up to 47CM

? Very strong polyamide material

? No more standing for long periods of time

? Lightweight & Easy to carry

??Load up to 200 kilos

? !TIP! - Kids love it! - !TIP!


The stool can be carried in a bag or if you prefer to just carry it, the FoldStool? comes with a handy shoulder strap.

foldable stool dimensionsDiameter: 9.8in / 25.5cm

Height: 2.4in / 6cm ¨C 18.5in / 47cm

Weight: 1.94lbs /?0.88kg