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Waist Twisting Disc Balance Board

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The Waist Twisting Disc Balance Board is a specially designed exercise pad for health-conscious individuals. It features a circular rotatable platform to help exercise and tone your body with the help of Magnetic Therapy technology. The Waist Twisting Disc can help individuals lose excess fat and toxins, especially from the waist and hips. Due to its compact and fashionable appearance, it is suitable for use in private and public areas such as gyms, living rooms, patios, and parks.

  • Before using, please drink 200-500 CC warm boiled water to stimulate the circulation of blood to gain a better effect.
  • Put your feet on the waist twisting device, twist your waist and abdomen at the lest and right sides, meanwhile, keep your both arms balance.
  • It will be a normal phenomenon and a good effect after gymnastic exercise if the?color?of urine becomes deep, or the temperature of the human body gets high
  • You should persevere in the exercise of twisting waist, thus it can reach a sturdy and strenuous effect on your body.

? Magnetic Therapy

? Fashionable Design

? Specialized Materials

? Rotatable Disc


  • Disc Weight: 430g
  • Diameter: 9.5 Inches